Wholesale Prices:

We work on a volume discount system based on our list prices offered to the end user.

The volume discount structure as follows:


5-25 boxes  -  5% discount

26-66 boxes  -  13% discount
67-131 boxes  -  20% discount
131+ boxes  -  25% discount

When you order online the discount will be applied during checkout.

If you require a quote for multiple pallets, kindly contact our internal sales consultants @ 0836117786 or sales@avofit.co.za. 


Deliveries within Tshwane will be free of charge (excluding red zones).

If you are based outside this area kindly provide your location and we can create a quote for you.

Payment method:

Payment for the avocados (and delivery) has to be done via EFT before the shipment can take place.

Sizes of the avocados:

AvoFit is well positioned within the avocado market of South Africa. This means that we can supply our customers with the perfect size and cultivar avocado that suits their needs (keeping the cultivar’s season in mind). At the moment we are retailing Fuerte avocados count 16s and 18s per box although we can still supply you with count 14s, 16s, 18s, and 20s if requested (for orders more than 263 boxes).