AvoFit is committed to quality, sustainability and good agricultural practices.

Please note! Our minimum order value for delivery in Tshwane is R300 at a delivery fee of R30.00. You are welcome to collect any quantity you wish at our collection point in Elarduspark.

What's the best way to ripen an avocado at home?

We get asked this alot, so here's our top tips to help you ripen to perfection.

  • Avocados ripen best in a brown paper bag, with an apple or banana placed in the bag too.
  • Another way to check the ripeness is to see if the round stem at the top comes off easily. If it does, and you see green inside, your avo will be ready and easy to peel.
  • If you'd like to prolong the life of your ripened avo, it can last an extra day or two in the fridge.




    Scheduled Deliveries in Pretoria and Centurion

    We will continue to be open for trading during the announced lockdown period as we form part of the food manufacturing and distribution supply chain.
    Our deliveries will continue as normal. Drivers will be equipped with face masks and hand sanitizers to ensure your and their safety.

    For deliveries as well as collection at AvoFit (in Elarduspark) we would prefer it if you could book and pay your order online as far as possible to avoid close contact between drivers and customers.

    Please advise your expected collection time in order for us to ensure a speedy collection from our distribution unit.

    For your and our safety, we ask that you use the necessary protection (gloves, masks & hand sanitizer).

    As we are living in uncertain times, we will provide an updated communication in the event of any changes.

    We would like to thank you for your continuous support and assure you of our commitment to your health and safety by ensuring hygienic, quality products and service.

    Farming Operation

    We produce avocados,  passion fruit, nursery trees and occasionally raw honey. Our farm is Global GAP certified ensuring we supply you the best quality fruit.

    How can I store a cut avocado in the best way?

    1. With lemon, lime juice, or vinegar

    If you want to store a cut avocado, it is best to sprinkle the surface with an acidic agent such as lemon, lime juice, or vinegar to prevent discolouration.

    2. Keep in the fridge with an air-tight container

    Keep cut avocados and dishes containing avocados such as guacamole in the fridge – either in an air- tight container or covered with cling film, which is best gently pressed on the food surface.