Taste and first-class quality is our priority.

AvoFit is a farm-to-table supplier of South African produced avocados.  
We focus on retail, providing world class avocados of different varieties to all the AvoFitters in our community and further.

Grown to full maturity, measured through the perfect moisture and oil content, grown using global accepted practices and hand nurtured by our farming team, our avocados are the Fruit of Life.

How we do what we do

Our optimally grown avocados in Soekmekaar (owned by the Johan Immelman Farming Trust), local growers in Limpopo and the Western Cape are transported to pack-houses for washing, grading, and packing. Only first grade fruits are packed into cartons and sent by road freight service providers to our storage facilities in Kempton Park or George; these guys are experts in the industry, and we have benefited from their logistical consolidation facilities time and time again.

AvoFit makes use of various systems and social media platforms such as CMS, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram to receive, process and pack your orders with beautifully grown fruits in quantities and varieties that you prefer taken straight to your desired destination or picked up from an AvoFit distribution facility.

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Our delivery agents and in-house drivers, ensure that AvoFit avocados are delivered using the required sanitizing procedures, as promptly as possible and always with a smile


We will soon put up more distribution units, like AvoFit Pretoria and AvoFit George, right across South Africa. This will decrease delivery costs for our customers who are currently outside of our delivery range.


Our Products

‘’Let us not forget that the cultivation of the earth is the most important labour of man. When tillage begins, other arts will follow. The farmers, therefore, are the founders of civilization.’’

-Daniel Webster

AvoFit has great respect for the process to which we owe our avocado products and therefore we belong to all the following organisations:

The Worldwide Standard for Good Agricultural Practices (GLOBALG.A.P)

Making sure the standard of all the stages of production are correct, from before the first tree is planted, to the avocados being ready and packed to be taken to our distribution units.

The South African Avocado Growers’ Association (SAAGA)

To improve the profitability and sustain the viability of growing avocados in South Africa.

We have taken these steps to ensure that the fruits our customers receive have been grown and harvested responsibly, will still be for a long time to come and most importantly, are mouth wateringly delicious and full of flavour.


The Team

Our AvoFit team is the crop of the cream working together to ensure that all AvoFitters are satisfied with a great quality product delivered with professional and friendly conduct.

Johan Immelman                                                                  


Founding director of AvoFit in South Africa, and avocado producer in Limpopo, with his vision focused on the mission to never deny but happily supply people's need to have ongoing, easy, and affordable access to the healthiest super-food in the world.


Mariè Wilby

Co-Founding director, Mariè, who we are almost 100% sure can speak to animals; our very own Dr. Dolittle who doesn’t do little, but very much for every aspect of operations at Avofit.


Michael Wilby

On a new adventure, this busy bee is always ready to flee to exactly where we need him to be and OH honey does he deliver! In two ticks he completes the logistics.


Riaan Geyer

Delivering with a smile all the while and every mile. Friendly as can be, he brings avocados to the community as quick as 1,2,3. Helping where he can and always willing to make a plan. 


Amber Mojet

Musically inclined she will not be left behind with tunes on her mind, in the process to bind language with marketing sales in between mails and all that her position entails.


Johan Olivier

This driven salesman is always eager to deal with our customers in a friendly manner, albeit a quick pick-up or acquiring extra information regarding our products and services.

Find him on our WhatsApp line at 083 611 7786


AvoFit is a proud producer, retailer, and exporter of first-grade avocados